Our Approach

The "three C's"

At its heart, Asia Carbon Search stands for the “three C’s” – Care. Collaboration. Candour.

Care. Collaboration. Candour.

Asia Carbon Search was formed with an intention to create a new kind of leadership search and consulting firm for the region, one with a collaborative culture that puts a sincere and genuine care for people at the center of every interaction we have with clients, candidates and employees.


Our care for people is demonstrated by the way we advise clients; organise and execute each mandate; protect our client’s reputation, and support successful candidates in their new roles. This care drives us to ensure the long-term success of our clients’ operations and the people they hire even as the markets change over time.

In short, care is the foundation on which every interaction we have with clients, candidates and colleagues is formed.


Doing the right thing by our own people as well as the people who we work for requires a truly collaborative approach. We work seamlessly as one team across our offices to provide our best thinking and to find the suitable leadership talent for our clients in an efficient manner. In addition, we share the risk with clients, partnering with them as an extension of their team.

In this way, our relatively compact size compared to others retained executive search firms in the region becomes one of our biggest strengths, as it enables us to provide high quality and high impact results in an efficient and flexible manner.


The honesty and openness that mark our collaborative nature, together with the care and concern for people which runs throughout our entire leadership search process, give us the courage to candidly challenge conventional wisdom about what it takes to achieve sustainable performance in Asia while encouraging innovative ways of selecting and appointing leaders who can go the distance.

As a result, clients and candidates alike trust our advice and appreciate our candour, and can rely on us to hold the space for them to confidently embrace change, or even to take calculated risks to achieve the desired outcomes for their career or business.

How We Work

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