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Personal Touch. Promise of Integrity. Professional Partnerships.

We are proud to have built the kind of intimate friendships and strong, long-lasting relationship with clients that are valued highly in Asia, and are committed to maintaining their trust by consistently operating with a high level of integrity.

After listening deeply and carefully considering an organisation’s needs in terms of the current market landscape as well as its long-term strategy, we always give our “candid advice”, whether or not we are engaged to make a placement.

We take a highly personal, flexible, and even creative consultative approach to partnering with organisations to identify and meet their leadership requirements with speed and efficiency.

Once we are engaged, our transparent, high touch process involves regular status reports and conference call updates to ensure total clarity around where we are and milestones that need to be hit.

By focusing on companies we know and understand on a deep level, we are able to quickly identify people who not only fit with their particular business culture but who will be able to successfully meet key commercial objectives and handle the challenges that are endemic to the region with ease.

We use our global network of contacts to source and reference the candidates we recommend.

  • This allows us to actively source individuals in Europe and North America who have Asia and/or relevant industry experience, as well as those who are currently working in the region.
  • Formal and informal reference checks are conducted to assess the correct “fit” between the client’s culture and circumstances, and a candidate’s leadership experience, style, and ambitions.
  • We also consider what is right for candidates’ well-being when evaluating them for any role.
  • We deliver comprehensive written assessments of every candidate, incorporating competency matrices and findings from other evaluation tools as required.

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